PAPER includes sketches, drawings, printed media, and other flat work.
WORLDS includes 3D models, renders, video game levels, videos and websites.
HANDS includes hand-crafted models and projects and LEGO assemblies.
MUSIC includes albums and solo tracks made for other work or separately.
A typical tutorial. Text is interspersed with images and a link on the bottom leads to the next tutorial.
Home Page
After the animated title, the home page is a list of the tutorial steps. The mouse has a replaced graphic and trail, the background has parallax, and the positions of the tutorial links are random.
What is THE GRID
The second website for my thesis on visualization and interaction. This detailed a tutorial process that connects Rhino and CryEngine.
tumblr, rhino, cryengine
The portfolio of Yuriy Sountsov.
Media designer, audiovisual craftsman, idea aficionado.
Each panel categorizes projects drawing from my years
of practice. Inquiries: