PAPER includes sketches, drawings, printed media, and other flat work.
WORLDS includes 3D models, renders, video game levels, videos and websites.
HANDS includes hand-crafted models and projects and LEGO assemblies.
MUSIC includes albums and solo tracks made for other work or separately.
Side View
Side view showing the extent of the front weapons and the side armor.
Detail Front View
View showing the grinders in the front.
Top Array Mobility
View showing the degree of mobility of the top array. It can raise itself to attack over obstacles.
Angled Side View
View showing the top array rotated to the side.
Full View
View showing the Breaker in full.
The Breaker is a fully autonomous total destruction machine. Nothing can stand in the way of its laser assisted slicing and grinding mechanisms. Needless to say it was immediately banned by most militaries due to its impartial treatment of the battlefield. A powerful 360 degree weapons array sits on top, eliminating any chance it can be outflanked.
physical assembly
The portfolio of Yuriy Sountsov.
Media designer, audiovisual craftsman, idea aficionado.
Each panel categorizes projects drawing from my years
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