PAPER includes sketches, drawings, printed media, and other flat work.
WORLDS includes 3D models, renders, video game levels, videos and websites.
HANDS includes hand-crafted models and projects and LEGO assemblies.
MUSIC includes albums and solo tracks made for other work or separately.
Concept Animation
Possible application of the jellyfish membrane as a reactive wall. This was rendered in Lightwave using a generalized model of the proposal.
Concept Render
Final concept using jellyfish membrane. The envelope could extend over an entire facade of a building, morphing to fit. Modeled in Rhino and Grasshopper.
Mockup Photos
Detail views of a physical mockup, clockwise from top left: A working model of a jellyfish arm. A nitinol cord is used to flex the mechanism such that the dangling bit moves up and down. The electrical connector attaches directly to the nitinol to allow for a current to pass through; note how the nitinol is slightly embedded in the plastic because it melted through. The arm rotates about an axis and flexes the dangling part; a small rubber band recaptures the motion.
Render Detail
A closeup of the concept system and its composition. The nitinol would be coiled in a pulley to gain distance. Modeled in Rhino and Grasshopper.
A sketch of the possible motion using plastic elements and nitinol as the elastic force. This would have attempted to replicate a jellyfish’s motion.
Biologic was a conceptual collaboration with a group of four others on the responsive properties of frog legs and jellyfish, ultimately culminating in a project showing how that research can apply in a building.
rhino, lightwave, acrylic, nitinol
digital, electrical
The portfolio of Yuriy Sountsov.
Media designer, audiovisual craftsman, idea aficionado.
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