PAPER includes sketches, drawings, printed media, and other flat work.
WORLDS includes 3D models, renders, video game levels, videos and websites.
HANDS includes hand-crafted models and projects and LEGO assemblies.
MUSIC includes albums and solo tracks made for other work or separately.
Shirt Front
The front of the shirt featuring the image scene and the company logo.
Image Scene Detail
The scene featured on the front without the logo. Two figures stand in a dark and stormy area, wielding the tools of their trade and wearing headphones.
Shirt Back
The back of the shirt featuring the company tagline and logo.
Audiomachine T-Shirt
This was for a contest hosted by the music production company Audiomachine. The brief was to make a T-shirt design for the company that evoked the style and effect of their music. This went with the idea of one of their taglines, which is “Engineers of Epic”, attempting to describe who these engineers are.
photoshop, rhino
front and back
The portfolio of Yuriy Sountsov.
Media designer, audiovisual craftsman, idea aficionado.
Each panel categorizes projects drawing from my years
of practice. Inquiries: