PAPER includes sketches, drawings, printed media, and other flat work.
WORLDS includes 3D models, renders, video game levels, videos and websites.
HANDS includes hand-crafted models and projects and LEGO assemblies.
MUSIC includes albums and solo tracks made for other work or separately.
Day Off
A border trooper sitting around with nothing to do.
Angel, King, and Mechanic
One from above, one in a throne, one who built it all.
Mask and Burner
A man with breathing apparatus and just an average repairman.
A Slave Takes His Due
Amid the burning devastation of Pompeii's doom, a gladiatorial slave, trained for years in combat, does the deed he has awaited his entire life.
Angels, Armors, and Mechanics
Drawings of people from ages past and ages to come.
The portfolio of Yuriy Sountsov.
Media designer, audiovisual craftsman, idea aficionado.
Each panel categorizes projects drawing from my years
of practice. Inquiries: